The Rolling Stones ‘Overpriced’ VIP Tickets Revealed


There has been so much going on in the world of inflation. No matter what side of the fence that you see yourself on; you just can’t turn a blind eye to prices going up for just about everything. Sure, gas has gone up and food prices seem to continue to climb, but there has been something that hasn’t been talked about just yet and that’s ticket prices for shows upcoming for some of the best bands around.

It seems that no one across the world can escape from the current rise of prices as it doesn’t look to be just a thing in America. Prices for all goods have been going up dramatically. While some bands have spoken up about issues such as this in the past, some bands have no issue with riding out the wave by taking anything they can get while still asking for more. This is where The Rolling Stones come in.

Firstly, it should be noted that bands typically do not set prices for their tickets. This is figured out by management along with venues. From there, employees and travel must be considered as well. This is why we are currently seeing such an increase in the prices of tickets. Via fan forums, it was said that the increase will be pretty large and upwards of 500 euros added onto the already full-price of the tickets at retail for the Diamond package which offers a very close experience to the band.

One fan stated about the package deal: “VIP packages are overrated, overpriced and give you useless trinkets that even your kids don’t want. Buy the pit ticket or seat you want and nothing else…there was a day in the early 2000s when you could still get VIP packages that included backstage tours, unlimited drinks, and appetizers but those days are long gone with Stones tours.


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