Tool Reveal Three New Songs To Fans


Tool drummer Danny Carey recently spoke with Cleveland Scene and he revealed that he doesn’t expect the follow-up to Fear Inoculum to take anywhere near the 13-year wait as its predecessor did. It is needless to say how the Tool fans had been waiting for the follow-up of ‘10,000 Days.’

He said that it was quite frustrating that there was no new material to play but the time flew by quickly. He said: “I guess that’s just the nature of life. It’s like when you have kids, and they’ve grown up, and you go, ‘What happened?’ It took a long time, but we did a lot of touring and tried to grow in different ways and take a break from each other to keep things fresh. We also wanted to bring in outside influences, so we would have something new to say to each other musically,” says of the sessions for their most recent album.

Danny Carey reveals some songs are lined up

“I’m sure it won’t take us this long for the next one. We even had some stuff leftover from the last one that we’ll develop. We have head starts on three or four new songs.”

Tool has remained consistently in the spotlight since Fear Inoculum‘s 2019 release, and part of that has been revisiting some of their past songs. The band just issued an updated version of their 1992 song “Opiate” dubbed “Opiate2” that fleshes out the track a little bit more.

The nearly ten-minute rework of the title track of their 1992 EP, to streaming services. It starts as the “Opiate” which sounds familiar but with more modern production and a few other new twists. However, it shifts into the psychedelic territory of their 2019 comeback album Fear Inoculum. Tool is also celebrating Opiate‘s 30th anniversary with a Blu-ray featuring a Dominic Hailstone-directed short film and accompanying 46-page art book.

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