AVERSED’s New Single “Death Lullabye” Is More Catchy, Progressive Death


Aversed is back with their second single of 2022 and, much like the first one, it’s an incredible progressive death metal ass-kicker. The song covers a ton of heavy ground before returning to a super catchy chorus sung by new vocalist Sarah Hartman. All I can say at this point is this – Aversed needs to hurry up with their new album.

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“Humans have a universal language: violence. It’s the only solution we consistently turn to in order to solve even our most basic problems,” said drummer Jeff Saltzman. “‘Death Lullaby’ serves as an ode to this natural state of affairs. On the contrary, while all of us aspire to it, universal peace is a concept that is hard to comprehend. We need violence to comfort us and lull us to sleep each night because that is what we know. The beauty of being a metal musician and a fan is that we have an outlet to release this explosion of violent feelings within each of us.”

Grab a copy of “Death Lullabye” here on Bandcamp.

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