COMMONER Just Quietly Released One Of The Best Doom Records


Who the hell is the UK-based act Commoner and what right do they have just barging in here and releasing one of the best doom records of the year? The answers to those questions are largely mysterious, though ultimately who cares – Commoner rules. There’s really not much to know about the band right now other than they’ve just released their debut album I on Bandcamp and have zero presence online otherwise. The band is Mik on “Axe I and Lead Vox,” Si on “4 Strings of the End and Backing Vox” Matt on “Axe II,” and Al performing “Hammer.”

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One clue as to who Commoner might be comes from fellow UK act Solstice, who commented on their Facebook “A first-class debut by these Englishmen. Shades of Trouble & Frost with some raw overtones, ‘Saint Tyrant’ is an absolute crusher…also, we like Si.” I was recorded this July at Foel Studios in Wales and was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Chris Fielding. Grab a digital copy of I here.

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