EXMORTUS Streams Thrashing, Tolkein-Inspired New Single “Oathbreaker”


Exmortus is now streaming the very Tolkien-inspired new single “Oathbreaker,” which also doubles as the band’s debut single on their new label Nuclear Blast. Though be assured Exmortus hasn’t changed their sound one bit despite the signing – it’s still shred all the way down.

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“‘Oathbreaker’ is the perfect teaser for the new album,” said Exmortus of the single. “Not only is it fast, heavy and filled with shred, but it’s inspired by Tolkien’s haunting lore of the Dead Men of Dunharrow in the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

“While our previous work focused more on the heroic aspect of fantasy and sword & sorcery, this album expresses the darker side with tragic heroes and horrors of humanity. Enjoy the new track cause we feel it belongs in our setlists for years to come!”

Stream “Oathbreaker” here.

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