Bob Green’s Silver Screams For Silent Screens


Bob Green, the singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida recently released his newest album titled Silver Screams For Silent Screens. Green is an artist that does not like to be ‘pigeonholed’ into one specific genre of music. This rings true with his latest album that showcases genres of rock, folk, and blues. Each song on this record adds a different component to a complete list of songs that listeners can sympathize and find comfort in. 

The album begins with “Next Full Moon.” This upbeat tune begins with some subtle guitar playing before opening into a groovy drumbeat. The song talks of being in a relationship and not wanting to lose the person you’re with. Green mentions “Don’t want to lose this chance with you” and pleads for this person to just give him until the next full moon to show that he is the one and the stars with align for them. It is a great start to the record. 

If you’re looking for that heavy rock sound “Unknown Road” is the song for you off this album. With head-banging instrumentals and a fast-paced melody, this song will make you nostalgic for those old 90’s rock songs. Green’s vocals are very strong in this one as he belts out long notes whilst singing about not fearing the unknown because it might be just where you need to go. An important message that we all need to hear from time to time. 

Slowing it down for a beat, “Run” is a song from the album that talks of warning someone to run away from an evil person that they’re with. Green pleads, “Baby run and pray he don’t find you scared and lonely” and that he will spend his last breath trying to make sure this person is safe. It is one of the melancholier songs from the album, but it adds an important element to the record. 

Perhaps the most memorable title on the album is the following song “Whiskey, Weed and Wine.” The guitar playing in this one as well as the way Green’s low voice holds onto some notes longer than others makes for a great addition to the album. The song talks of acknowledging he did something wrong and trying to make things better. Some of the lyrics include, “What I did/I did it with love/It could be the whiskey/Or it could be the wine/Or the things I smoked/To clear out my mind.” It is one of the deeper songs on the album that touches on having trauma and fears you can’t leave behind, so you turn to substances like alcohol to try and escape reality for a little while. 

Closing out the album is the song “Drain You.” The playful harmonies in this song make it a stand-out track. The mysterious instrumentals add to the overall message of how toxic relationships can be and how both parties may not even realize it. Compared to some of the other tracks, “Drain You” has a more tranquil vibe and gives listeners something to think about as they reach the end of the album. In his newest album Silver Screams For Silent Screens, Bob Green does a stellar job of using upbeat, head-banging melodies and pairing them with some sentimental lyrics. A lot of the songs discuss some heavy topics that listeners can relate to. Bob Green shows that he is able to create an environment that is intimate and original through his music on this record, and I look forward to his future work! 

Reviewed by Carmen Zdanis