Rapper Baby Cino has been shot dead moments after leaving


Rapper Baby Cino has died aged 20, moments after he was released from a Miami jail.

The musician, real name Timothy Starks, was released from the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Centre earlier this week (March 16). He’d been arrested on a gun charge earlier in the week.

As reported in The Miami Herald, Starks was picked up in a car upon his release from jail. Moments later, a shooter in another car took aim at the car Starks was travelling in.

According to reports, the gunman fired at least 40 shots at the car. Starks’ car then hit a wall as it was travelling on the Palmetto Expressway. He reportedly suffered several gunshot wounds, including one to the head.

The Miami Herald also report that Starks’ friend, who was in the car with him, was treated at a local hospital after also being shot. Dante’ Collins Banks, 20, has since been released from hospital.

Speaking to WSVN, Starks’ mother said she was on the phone to him when the shooting began.

“My son was OK. He was talking. He was just shook up because his friend got shot,” she said, adding that Banks has since been released from hospital.

Detectives from the Miami-Dade police department told the Herald that “a dark-coloured vehicle was seen fleeing the area at a high rate of speed”.

They also told the paper they are investigating whether the shooting is connected to previous incidents in recent months, including “a series of public ambushes in recent months believed connected to Miami street gangs.”

Corrections spokesman Juan Diasgranados said: “Miami-Dade Police is handling the investigation and the surrounding circumstances regarding this incident.”

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