Review: Alexis Marrero “Wake Me Up”


“Wake Me Up” is the new release from Alexis Marrero, an Ohio based superstar on the rise. The haunting song comes to us brimming with what seems to be a personal experience. Marrero sings her heart out about a love lost nightmare, something most of humanity has dealt with. 

Marrero has a powerful but angelic voice and a vulnerability that compliments her music. Her video is a dusk covered film that also compliments the song. We speak of the dawn as a new day, as though it’s a wholly welcoming thing. But there are times when Dawn breaks into darkness, forcing us to face the things we never knew we’d see. A love lost is a painful and often a hopeless thing.”Wake Me Up” clearly expresses that sentiment.

Alexis Marrero is a vulnerable character in her story and song, however musically she is a champ. Her ability to express her music is a born talent and certainly music is her destiny. She is known for her dark lyrics and inspirational undertones. As a big advocate for mental health she is also known for her positivity. 

5/5 Stars

Watch the “Wake Me Up” music video by Alexis Marrero here: