Too Close To Touch Vocalist Keaton Pierce Has Passed Away


Keaton Pierce vocalist for post-hardcore outfit Too Close To Touch has passed away. A statement issued by his bandmates on the matter earlier today (March 26th) read as follows:

“To all of the people who’s lives were positively affected by the music of Too Close To Touch.
We wish we had a better way to break this news.
Our friend & brother Keaton passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, just a short time ago due to a medical condition he had been dealing with privately.
We are shaken and saddened and speechless.
We all relied on Keaton to put words to feelings like these and convey them in a way that was undeniably one of a kind.
Keaton lives on through these songs that we made together.
He lives on through that feeling you get when you listen to them.”

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