ALBUM REVIEW: Unslayable


As one of metal’s most long-standing sub-genres, black thrash has held a rigid and resilient nature as heavy music has continued to evolve over its history. Often reluctant to experiment and branch out from those early barrages from early pioneers like VENOM and HELLHAMMER, the fusion of black and thrash metal is a blueprint that works time and time again. Intending to follow in the footsteps of fellow countryman, HELLRIPPER, who burst onto the flourishing homegrown scene with 2019’s excellent The Affair Of The Poisons, comes TYRANNUS with their debut offering Unslayable. And it’s a concoction of captivating and dynamic extremity.

Combining the best qualities of the sub-genre’s well-established foundations, with a sprinkling of death metal and psychedelia added for good measure, Unslayable showcases a band that are very much comfortable in their own skin. Following from the psychedelic and Lovecraftian introduction that is A Cruel Dream, A Worse Realityflies out of the traps with blistering riffs and a snarling vocal display from bandleader Callum John Cant. It’s wicked stuff and ticks all the boxes for those that like their metal vicious and razor-sharp.

From there, TYRANNUS continue to impress. The Floodebbs and flows from rabid riffing to an almost restrained approach that allows psychedelic lead guitar work from Cant and Fraser Gordon to swirl and dazzle, the title track boasts some of the best soloing on the entire record, and It Taketh‘s blackened bite is as venomous as it is effective with the doom-driven approach the band adopt in the track’s second half showcases that this a much more versatile outfit than one originally conceived.

Indeed, whilst other bands of their ilk opt for a shock and awe approach to their aural display, TYRANNUS are incredibly dynamic and when it works at its best, Unslayable will keep you on your toes throughout. Throughout the record, the quarter regularly utilise dynamic time signature change and sprinkling of ethereal leads to break up the blistering thrash, and it works rather well but it is with the final two tracks, Light The Last Sun and Break The Will Of Evil, where TYRANNUS really showcase their glistening quality.

With the added length of near seven minutes and six a half minutes respectfully, the band really grow into their own character and allow their wide pool of influences to really blossom. Light The Last Sun hammers blackened riffing, akin to the greats of black metal, with the utmost ease one minute then hurls you into an abyss of Lovecraftian horror the next through a smothering and hefty build of anticipation. Break The Will Of Evil ensures the record ends on a flourish as their sonic maelstrom swirls one last time in a cacophony of razor-sharp riffing and thoughtful experimentation.

It would have been easy for TYRANNUS to strictly follow the black thrash blueprint and provide a record that ticks all the right boxes, but Unslayable showcases a band willing to push the boundaries and present a soundscape that keeps you guessing at every corner. It’s vicious one moment, then dazzles with experimental flourishes the next. With Unslayable, TYRANNUS present a thoroughly strong first outing, one in which holds them in good stead to make their mark on a scene that is enjoying booming growth.

Rating: 9/10

Unslayable - Tyrannus

Unslayable is set for release on April 22nd via True Cult Records/Creative Scotland. 

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