80-Year Old WoW Streamer Is Flooded with Subs After CourageJD


An 80 year-old World of Warcraft streamer made thousands of dollars during her birthday sub-a-thon stream after a life-changing raid from CouRageJD.

An 80 year-old World of Warcraft streamer may have just had her best birthday yet when 100 Thieves co-owner and popular content creator, CouRageJD, surprised her with a birthday shoutout that resulted in one of the most wholesome Twitch raids the site has ever seen. Not all Twitch interactions are so wholesome, as the website has a pretty checkered history; prominent streamer Dr Disrespect famously had a falling out with the platform, and while that has since been resolved, Dr Disrespect doesn’t plan to return to Twitch.

WoWGrandma78 is an 80 year-old streamer who primarily plays World of Warcraft. Having played the game since its release in 2004, she started her channel in early 2020 and has maintained a consistent streaming schedule since then. Although the World of Warcraft category on Twitch is a difficult one to get recognized on, due to already-established streamers holding most of the viewership, WoWGrandma78 has remained focused on building her own little community where everyone is cherished, respected, and welcome to sit back and enjoy her gameplay.


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While in the first stretch of her big 80th birthday uncapped subathon stream, WoWGrandma78 received a gift that she never saw coming. Well-known YouTuber and streamer, CouRageJD, took to Twitter to share a link to WoWGrandma78’s Twitch channel, asking his fanbase to go raid her stream. Within minutes of the tweet being sent, WoWGrandma78’s Twitch viewer count skyrocketed and her chat was full of birthday wishes. CouRageJD would gift 200 subscriptions to people in her chat and encouraged others to use their free Twitch Prime subscriptions on her channel. In less than two hours, WoWGrandma78’s subathon timer extended from 10 hours to over 200.

Of course, the Twitch community didn’t stop there. Trainwreckstv, another prominent figure on the site, donated a whopping $10,000 to WoWGrandma78 with the memo “it’s all love baby.” With the efforts of CouRageJD, Trainwreckstv, and their communities, WoWGrandma78 earned over $20,000 in subscriptions, donations, and bits – all within the first two hours of going live. On Twitter, CouRageJD, who is a regular viewer on WoWGrandma78’s channel, said that the money she received would be more than enough to pay for the dentures that she had mentioned needing in the past.

As of the time of writing this article, WoWGrandma78 has amassed 1,601 subscriptions, 94,700 Bits, and $10,120 in donations – all while having 250 hours left on the sub-a-thon. The first couple of hours of the stream have been life-changing for her, and the amount of growth she has gotten out of the raid cannot be understated. Although there may not be another Twitch stream as financially successful for her as this one, the streams that follow will have an even bigger and more supportive community than ever before.

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