America’s Got Talent Season 16: Where Are They Now?


America’s Got Talent season 17 is underway and the auditions are almost to an end. Many talented people have bared their hearts and soul to the judges, hoping for a yes. In the coming weeks, the judges will deliberate and decide who continues on in the competition.


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As a viewer, it’s easy to get attached to the performers, and many fans wonder what they get up to after the competition ends. Season 16’s performers were memorable in a lot of ways, and this is what they’ve been up to since they graced the stage.

Jimmie Herrod

Jimmie Herrod winning the golden buzzer

When Jimmie came out for his audition for America’s Got Talent, he took not only the judges’ breaths away but viewers, as well. He dazzled everyone with his rendition of “Tomorrow” and due to his incredible performance, he received the Golden Buzzer from judge Sofia Vergara.

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Although he didn’t win, he participated in AGT’s variety show in Vegas for a few months before returning home to the Pacific Northwest. He continues to create music with his band Pink Martini and recently finished a five-week tour throughout Europe.

Léa Kyle

Lea Kyle on America's Got Talent

French magician, Léa, received the Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum after wowing the judges and audience with her “quick change” magic show. Her boyfriend, Florian Sainvet, competed in season 15 of AGT and reached the semi-finals himself.

Léa came in fifth, and after the show, she went on to compete in the Italian competition show, Tu Si Que Vales, where she advanced to the finals. She also competed in Romanii Au Talent and participated in America’s Got Talent Las Vegas live show with her quick change routine.

Victory Brinker

victory brinker winning the golden buzzer agt

Victory made history when, after giving an incredible opera performance at age nine, all of the judges and Terry came together to give her a combined Golden Buzzer. The judges were blown away by her performance and were not expecting someone so young to be able to sing opera so well. Simon was very complimentary, unlike his earlier years when Simon said some of the most savage things to contestants.

Victory finished AGT in eighth place, and since then has produced multiple singles, has started work as an actress, performed on multiple talk shows, performed for the Pennsylvania State Senate, and much more. She has hinted on her Instagram that she has many more upcoming opportunities, as well.

Gina Brillon

Gina Brillon performing on AGT

Gina impressed the judges with her stand-up comedy and got four yes’s during her audition round. She progressed to the finals as the first Latina comedian, where she finished in the bottom five of the top 10. Her set consisted mostly of self-deprecating jokes, her upbringing, and her husband.

After the show, Gina and friend, Katherine Mendoza, continued to host their podcast “Mess In Progress: The Homegirls Guide to Self-Help.” She is currently on a comedy tour and doing stand-up around the United States.

World Taekwondo Demonstration Team

world taekwondo on agt

The World Taekwondo Demonstration Team wowed the judges with their Taekwondo abilities, so much so that Terry Cruz gave them the Golden Buzzer. Though they didn’t win, they progressed to the finals, where they came in the top 10.

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After the finale, the World Taekwondo Demonstration Team went to France to compete in France’s Got Talent and won the Golden Buzzer from the international show. They also received the Golden Buzzer from Italy’s Got Talent in 2020 before coming to AGT. The team is currently on a seven-city tour throughout Italy.

Aidan Bryant

Aidan Bryant performing on agt

Aidan Bryant is a self-taught aerialist, teaching himself in just two years by using his grandmother’s sheets and a sturdy tree. He gave the judges an impressively good audition, earning him a yes from every judge. He went on to make it to the finals where he came in second place where he won a new car. Fans were upset that he lost and felt like he was the best contestant of AGT.

Once Aidan left the show, he continued to perform, most recently with the Super American Circus in Hawaii and has recently become a returning performer with Cirque Electric at Busch Gardens in Florida as an aerialist.

Brooke Simpson

Brooke Simpson performing on AGT

Brooke was a memorable contestant due to her incredible voice and personality, and for wanting to be a role model for young Indigenous people. She had star-power the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia, which Simon Cowell told her during her audition, showing Simon has become a kinder judge in recent years.

After coming in fourth place, Brooke released her first single titled, “You Only Had One Job.” Since then, she won the role of Roger Sherman in the Broadway revival of 1776 and has been performing this role since May. According to her Instagram, her next move is performing with the Roundabout Theatre Company in New York.

Josh Blue

Josh Blue performing on AGT

Josh Blue brought down the house with his hilarious stand-up comedy throughout his time on America’s Got Talent. He had Simon in stitches during one of his sets, and Simon is one of the toughest judges on a reality TV show. His comedy centered around himself and life with cerebral palsy and his stand-up got him to the finals, where he came in third place.

After AGT, Josh continued to tour around the country doing his stand-up routine. He recently opened for Nathaniel Rateliff and his band, one of Josh’s favorite bands (via his Instagram).

Northwell Health Nurse Choir

Northwell Health Nurse Choir performing on AGT

The Northwell Health Nurse Choir performed a moving rendition of “Stand By Me” after serving the country during the pandemic, wanting to sing an uplifting song to the audience. After their performance, Howie Mandel wanted to congratulate them further on a great job and hit the Golden Buzzer.

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The choir went on to the finals, where they placed in the Top 10. Since the show, they have continued performing and even joined headliners like Train, Jewel, and Blues Traveler in performing at the AM Gold Tour at the Jones Beach Theater.

Dustin Tavella

Dustin Tavella performing on AGT

Dustin Tavella won America’s Got Talent season 16 after leaving the judges flabbergasted by his magic show. In his audition, he wove a story about his own life and adopting his son, having the judges pick and choose seemingly unrelated items at random. By the end, every element the judges had chosen were being shown in a photo Terry Cruz had pulled up on his phone of the day Dustin’s son had been adopted.

After winning AGT, Dustin won the prize money of $1 million, a new car, and of course, headlining a show in Las Vegas. He performs his act twice a night, five nights a week. He and his wife also have welcomed a new addition to their family, a son, Sylas.

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