Christopher Nolan Is Still The Best Director Choice For James


No director would be more suited for the job on Bond 26 than Christopher Nolan. The director of The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, and the upcoming Oppenheimer biopic is no stranger to the mind-blowing action set pieces expected of any Bond film. Attaching a name such as Christopher Nolan’s to the director’s seat of Bond 26 could also be the hype-building announcement that the Bond series needs after the departure of Daniel Craig as 007 in No Time To Die.

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It’s not like Christopher Nolan hasn’t worked in the spy genre before. Inception is not the most traditional spy story, but it still has some of the tensest espionage scenes in history, alongside some of the most memorably spectacular action sequences. Tenet is practically a James Bond film in all but name, complete with incredible stunts, a scenery-chewing bad guy, and a wise-cracking protagonist.

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Each new actor in the role of James Bond marks a new era for the franchise – and it’s likely Bond 26 will be no exception to this rule. Timothy Dalton’s two Bond films were both considerably darker in tone than the more comedic Roger Moore; Daniel Craig’s movies were far more grounded than the often silly Pierce Brosnan era. Christopher Nolan’s distinct directorial style could help set the tone for the new Bond – much like the efforts of Martin Campbell with both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig in Goldeneye and Casino Royale, respectively – allowing the new Bond era to be marked out in an unforgettable way due to the director’s illustrious history of big stunts and massive action franchises being borderline impossible to parallel.

Will Christopher Nolan Direct James Bond 26?


Christopher Nolan has been rumored to be a potential Bond movie director for years, long before even Bond 26. One reason for this is how transparent of a Bond fan Nolan is. Nolan’s gone on record to claim that Timothy Dalton and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service are his favorite Bond actor and Bond film, respectively, and appears to hold a deep regard for both. In fact, Christopher Nolan has also stated that he has taken inspiration from the Bond franchise throughout his entire career: the ski lodge battle in Inception is a clear nod to the finale battle in OHMSS. Christopher Nolan would be an obvious name to shortlist for the role of director on Bond 26 for Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, with his share of critical and commercial success on top of his clear love for the franchise.

Although they are yet to announce a director for Bond 26 yet, Broccoli and Wilson apparently have had talks with Christopher Nolan to direct a previous Bond film, according to Nolan himself. This could mean that he is still in consideration for the role when it comes to Bond 26. Keeping Nolan’s work such as the Bond trope-filled Tenet in mind, as well as his clear love for the Bond franchise, Christopher Nolan would be the perfect director for Bond 26.

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