Ciampa Praises The Miz For Unselfish Treatment Of New WWE


Ciampa and The Miz are a bit of an odd couple on WWE Monday Night Raw, but the one-time indie darling has nothing but praise for the most sports entertainer of all sports entertainers. The pair seem to be part of Triple H’s plan to rebuild the red brand’s tag-team division. Under Vince McMahon’s rule, there were generally only two tag teams featured heavily on television: the team who held the championship and the No. 1 contender. That will change under The Game, as he has a lot for more varied matches than Vince ever did.



It makes sense that Ciampa and The Miz spend at least another few months alongside each other, then. A recent storyline on Raw saw The Miz try and guide Blackheart to a United States Championship match victory over Bobby Lashley. Ciampa came up short in that main event, but it was a huge signal boost to the former NXT Champion on the main roster. Not only has The Miz been helping Ciampa settle in on screen and in the ring, but it sounds like he’s been offering plenty of advice to the 37-year-old veteran.

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Ciampa recently spoke to Scott Fishman of about how helpful The Miz has been during his transition from NXT to the main roster: “[The Miz] has faced adversity and overcomes it. I’m excited I get to be part of all the stuff we’re doing on Raw. We have our talks. He is a good dude to be around. He has earned his spot. He is very unselfish as far as giving to new talent. You come from a new world to Raw and SmackDown. He is really good at helping talents navigate through that.” Ciampa also stated that before landing on Raw, The Miz would have been at the top of his list regarding the first guys he’d want to work with.

The Miz & Ciampa Could Be Future Tag-Team Champs

The Usos will eventually need to lose the tag-team championships. Or at least one set of the titles, as The Bloodline currently has every piece of major men’s hardware that WWE has. Triple H is doing a good job of rebuilding the prestige of the US Title and Intercontinental Championship, but they can’t take the place of the WWE Championship or Universal Championship.

Once the belts are off The Usos, Triple H will need to work quickly to build up a handful of legit contenders. Ciampa and The Miz would be a splendid place for him to start. They’re an odd couple, sure, but they’ve developed on-screen chemistry that should be allowed to grow over the next several months. The Blackheart and The A-Lister as tag teaming in WWE isn’t an eventuality many NXT fans saw coming, but it’s worked nonetheless.

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