First Look: Original ‘Love Boat’ Stars Join ‘The Real Love


We’re on board with this reboot! ABC’s iconic 1977–86 comedy The Love Boat becomes exciting and new (again) as a CBS dating competition.

Singles set sail on a real Princess cruise ship and, as they visit exotic Mediterranean ports, pair up to test their chemistry with challenges like “conquering the Rock of Gibraltar or soaping each other up in a lavender field in France,” teases The Real Love Boat exec producer Chris Culvenor.

Steering the fun are married hosts Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell, who, Culvenor adds, are ideal role models for those in search of life’s sweetest reward. (In this case, that’s a cash prize and a once-in-a-lifetime trip on the cruise line for the winning couple.) “They become heavily invested in all the love and drama and are invaluable in helping guide our singles as they make some life-changing decisions,” he says.

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn on The Real Love Boat

Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn (Sara Mally/CBS)

As in the scripted show, the ship’s crew also play cupid and aid passengers navigating the choppy seas of romance. Expect more nods to the original series, including the use of its catchy theme song and appearances by cast members Jill Whelan (spunky captain’s daughter Vicki Stubing) and Ted Lange (smooth-operating bartender Isaac Washington), both pictured below. “They both join during the voyage with words of wisdom for our singles,” Culvenor says. “And, of course, Ted still makes a killer cocktail!”

Jill Whelan on The Real Love Boat


Ted Lange on The Real Love Boat

Sara Mally/CBS

The Real Love Boat, Series Premiere, Wednesday, October 5, 9/8c, CBS

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