Fortnite x Dragon Ball: Warmup Quests Guide


The massive Fortnite x Dragon Ball event is taking place right now in Fortnite, with lots of cosmetic rewards for players to collect in return for completing seven sets of Dragon Ball-themed quests. With the launch of this highly anticipated crossover between Fortnite and the hit anime series, players are being challenged to complete the Warmup quest set. There are eight Warmup quests to complete, all of which involve checking out the new Dragon Ball-themed items and locations that have made their way to the Fortnite island map.


Fortnite players will be able to earn experience points as normal during the event, but all the Fortnite x Dragon Ball event quests reward players with Power Level Points instead of XP. Power Level Points contribute towards unlocking the limited-time rewards under the Power Unleashed! tab. There’s a lot on offer here, with emoticons, emotes, and sprays for players to unlock by increasing their power level during this event. By completing enough quests in each quest set, players can also earn Dragon Balls to unlock the exclusive Shenron Glider. Even players who aren’t into anime or Dragon Ball can unlock Battle Pass levels during the event; particularly useful for getting a few extra rewards from this season’s Battle Pass.

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Unfortunately, players aren’t able to unlock Fortnite’s Dragon Ball character skins or V-Bucks for doing these quests. However, there are still a lot of nice rewards for players who participate, and doing the Warmup Quests is a great way for fans to get to grips with all the new Dragon Ball content in Fortnite.

Open 2 Capsule Corp Capsules

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Capsule Corp Capsule Fortnite x Dragon Ball Capsule Corp Capsules Appearing On Map

Opening 2 Capsule Corp Capsules is the first part of a two-part quest. During the event, Capsule Corp is delivering special capsules that frequently land across the Fortnite island during matches. These contain the special Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) event items, which players can use to perform the iconic move from the Dragon Ball series and fly around respectively. This quest can be tricky; unlike other quests such as busting open doors in Fortnite, the capsules land at random across the map and can’t be found in set locations. On top of that, the event items within are iconic enough that lots of players are currently trying to get to capsule landing spots first.

A good tactic for getting capsules first is for players to jump from the Battle Bus as late as possible and deploy their gliders to drift. Capsule Corp Capsules only begin to drop once the first storm circle appears, so players should float above the island using their gliders until the capsules appear. Capsules can be followed on the in-game map, but their flight paths can be erratic so predicting exactly where they’ll land is difficult. As always, playing Fortnite with a friend who can fight off other players might make accessing these capsules easier. Players ought to follow close behind the capsules and dive as soon as the capsule lands. This won’t guarantee they’ll be the first to get there, but it’s better than landing halfway across the island from them.

Collect The Nimbus Cloud Or The Kamehameha In 5 Different Matches

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Capsule Corp Capsule Drops

This is the second part of the Capsule Corp Capsule quest, but thankfully it’s a little easier than the first part. This can be completed by collecting the Nimbus Cloud or Kamehameha from the Capsule Corp Capsules, but players don’t necessarily have to be the ones to crack the capsules open themselves. Looting these items off eliminated players also counts, so players don’t have to focus so much on being the first to find the capsules. However, players should keep in mind that like Fortnite’s other Mythic and Exotic items, they are still rare and hard to find.

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Players with lots of Gold Bars can also purchase the items from Bulma, who’s visiting the island as an NPC, or from the three Dragon Ball Vending Machines. Given their Mythic status, both items are a little expensive, so it’s best for players to try to get them from other sources first.

Visit A Familiar Training Location

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Kame House Named Location Fortnite x Dragon Ball Kame House Named Location Fortnite x Dragon-Ball Kame House Map Location

This quest is relatively simple. The familiar training location refers to the Kame House, which has appeared near the Fortnite island far to the east of the map near the Mighty Monument lagoon. This is a key location for Fortnite’s latest Week 10 Challenges so players might already be familiar with the area. It’s a small location and Bulma can be found pacing the beach nearby. All players have to do is visit the island to complete this quest.

Purchase An Item From A Dragon Ball Vending Machine

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Vending Machine At Lake Fortnite x Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Vending Machine Map Locations

Three Dragon Ball Vending Machines can be found on the Fortnite island at Rave Cave, Rocky Reels, and directly west of Coney Crossroads on the shores of the big lake. Each is marked with a picture of a Dragon Ball and is hard to miss. They dispense the Nimbus Cloud and Kamehameha items in exchange for Gold Bars; useful for players looking to complete other Fortnite x Dragon Ball quests. All players have to do is interact with the machine and purchase either the Nimbus Cloud or Kamehameha for 250 Gold Bars. Players might want to take the opportunity to turn down the music at Fortnite’s Rave Cave if they’re in the area.

Destroy 100 Objects With Kamehameha

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Character Using Kamehameha

The Fortnite x Dragon Ball event would be incomplete without the Kamehameha, so this quest makes sure that players have some extra incentive to use it. Once players have retrieved the Kamehameha item from a Capsule Corp Capsule, other players, or the Dragon Ball Vending Machines, all they need to do is charge up the attack and use it to wreck nearby objects.

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The Kamehameha attack does a lot of damage, but it’s likely that players will have to complete this quest over several matches as the quest asks players to destroy a total of 100 objects. Fortnite x Dragon Ball had to include Kamehameha so it’s great to see it being included this way.

Travel 1,500m Riding A Nimbus Cloud

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Character Using Nimbus Cloud

The Nimbus Cloud item allows players to catapult themselves up into the air and glide a short distance. As with other quests, players can collect the item from Capsule Corp Capsules, Dragon Ball Vending Machines, or from other players’ drops. Players aren’t actually able to stay in the air for very long using the Nimbus Cloud, so it’ll likely take a few matches for players to travel the full 1,500 meters needed for this quest. Regardless, using it is a blast so completing this quest isn’t particularly frustrating.

Watch Dragon Ball Super In Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival Official Art Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival Level In Discover Tab

For this quest, players actually need to switch over from Fortnite’s traditional battle royale modes and select the Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival under the Discover tab. Players could recently watch Rocket League’s championships in Fortnite, and this isn’t too different. Episodes of Dragon Ball are currently being aired in Fortnite in Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival levels, so players can jump in and chill out to watch the show in these custom levels. Players can select any of the custom levels to complete this quest, but if one of their favorite episodes is airing, it might be nice to take a quick break. Players can stick around to watch full episodes, but it isn’t necessary for completing this quest.

Complete 3 Warmup Quests

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Shenron Glider Official Art

Completing three quests from the Warmup set rewards the player with a Dragon Ball. As the event continues over the next two weeks, players will have access to more quest sets and will be able to collect more Dragon Balls. Collecting 7 will reward the player with the exclusive Shenron Glider.

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It isn’t clear quite how this fits in with the story Fortnite is telling across its many seasons, but a major crossover event is always welcome. Fortnite x Dragon Ball’s Warmup Quests are a great way for players to experience all the new Dragon Ball content and to get to grips with all the new items that will be featured in Fortnite over the next two weeks. While this event is very much geared towards giving fans of the anime a reason to celebrate, there’s also lots on offer for players who’ve never enjoyed the show for themselves.

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