FROM Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Book 74


I have good news if you had ‘shady Father Khatri’ on your bingo card. You’re a winner!

There’s been a little something off about Khatri from the series inception, but it was easy to ignore with all the other shenanigans happening around town. But FROM Season 1 Episode 6 gave us our greatest glimpse into the man behind the gritty exterior and questionable teachings.

And it leads you to wonder; is Khatri lying for the right reasons?

Mother & Son - Tall - From Season 1 Episode 6

A man of God probably shouldn’t be lying at all, but you can cut him a little slack considering the predicament he finds himself in. It must be tough to hold onto your faith given the circumstances, yet Khatri still seems to believe and trust in his faith, though his actions perhaps don’t always line up with how that faith is often perceived.

Case in point; he’s holding Sara in the basement of his church.

I knew there was something fishy about Sara’s convenient exit at the end of FROM Season 1 Episode 5, when all Khatri had to do was reach out and grab her because she was a few feet away from him. But it turns out that’s apparently exactly what he did do, tying Sara up and holding her hostage so that he could get some answers.

And look, it’s okay to want answers, but lying isn’t going to endear him to anyone once they find out what he did.

But that’s a problem for another day because no one finds out what he’s up to here, though that’s surely just a matter of time. 

What's Going On? - From Season 1 Episode 6

Khatri does make some good points while interrogating Sara, mainly that her ability to communicate with the voices is something that makes her valuable. It’s most definitely wishful thinking to believe that talking to the monsters will result in anything positive, but it’s still something worth exploring. 

Why have they chosen Sara? What else could they tell her that could potentially help the others?

There are a lot of questions surrounding Sara and her usefulness, and now that Khatri has secured his own proof that Sara isn’t lying, he’ll have to figure out what to do with that information. And how best to protect himself from the fallout.

Inevitably he’ll have to bring Boyd in, and knowing Boyd, he won’t take too kindly to be lied to, nor will he just readily accept what Sara is telling him.

Boyd spends much of the hour trying to figure out what’s up with Kenny and why he’s not jumping up and down with excitement over Boyd running into the woods, having no clue what could happen to him.

Boyd has a lot of pressure on his shoulders, more than anyone else in town, and at times he seems to kind of miss the things right in front of his face. Like with Kenny, it’s clear that Kenny idolizes Boyd, and the two have forged a deep bond. And coming off such a profound loss, he’s not eager to see Boyd throw himself into danger.

But Boyd seems to struggle with being able to separate himself from being sheriff and just being a friend at times.

They are the two leaders of the town, and if the series ever wanted to do a flashback episode into the town before we met everyone, the number one thing I’d like to see is how Boyd and Kenny connected.

It’s obvious that Kenny is still reeling from the death of his father and all the complicated emotions that come along with the death of a parent, especially in such a brutal fashion. And the last thing he wants is to lose another father figure in Boyd.

Kristi: Can I be honest with you?
Boyd: Please.
Kristi: I get that you want to prepare him for the worst. Get him ready to take your place in case something ever…But right now he’s really hurting. And I don’t think he needs a sheriff. I think he needs a dad.
Boyd: Goddammit.

Boyd’s conversation with Kristi leads me to believe that something similar may have happened with Ellis along the way, where Boyd leaned into the one side of himself, the rigid, by the books, law of the land persona, and wasn’t the father that Ellis needed him to be.

Teamwork - From Season 1 Episode 6

That doesn’t make him a bad person, but it’s something he can learn from to be a better one. And with Kenny, there is so much at stake.

We’ve seen how desperate this town is for leadership, and if that role is going to be passed down to Kenny one day, Boyd needs to make sure that Kenny is ready and he’s guided him in a way that sets him up for success.

Did anyone else get a little emotional listening to Boyd and Kenny’s conversation in the kitchen? From Boyd coming clean about his illness to just promising Kenny that he’d wait if he needed more time to feel comfortable with taking over the reins if things were to go awry.

There are a lot of fun duos on this show, but Boyd and Kenny are the pair at the top of my list. If only they could venture into the woods together, but it’s really not possible. This is like a President and Vice President situation, where they can’t both be in danger at the same time.

So, Boyd will eventually make his way into the woods, and who knows how that will go. Even if the talisman works at night, what is he looking for?

What Did You Do - From Season 1 Episode 5

Jade and Jim team up to look for a way to make contact with the outside world, and it involves an antenna and a tall tree.

Getting a radio to work and possibly connect with life outside the town is, of course, appealing to the men, but even if you make contact, what happens next? You don’t know where you are, for starters.

It almost feels like everyone is just trying out experiments to try them out and see if anything will stick. While mostly everyone in town seems content just to live each day in a perpetual loop of fear and controlled regularity, the new arrivals aren’t willing to sit still.

The flickering lights and the random jukeboxes that turn on randomly are odd, but learning about the missing wire is downright bizarre. But how far can you dig? And what will you find when you hit bottom?

It’s hard to imagine the answers to everything are just hidden under the town, but at this point, there are no explanations for anything. And to that end, nothing can be ruled out as a possible clue to their whereabouts and eventually getting them home.

Diner Time - From Season 1 Episode 5

So, off we dig! And off we look for a radio signal! And off we enter the woods!

Let’s hope everyone’s new plans aren’t eventually derailed by a mass casualty event caused by a random man from Colony House who’s fallen in love with a monster.

Loose Ends

  • Is Jade the only one having these vivid hallucinations? And the symbol is clearly of importance but does Jade ever see it when he’s of his right mind?
  • I wonder if the last time two cars came, those people also made strides in figuring out how to get home, and that’s why the monsters found a crack and then were able to kill everyone. Because Boyd is correct, there has been a shift, and it started with the arrival of the two cars.

Man Down - From Season 1 Episode 6

  • Seeing some of the characters in new clothes was JARRING. Laundry day is a good day.
  • Khatri’s bag of sin had some interesting items inside. And it makes you wonder if every person there has at least one bloody shirt just hanging around.
  • Even if somehow Sara’s story is accepted by the others, is there any way she can just fit back into town life again? The answer has to be no, right?

Drop me a line below with all your theories! And remember you can watch FROM online anytime via TV Fanatic!

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