Love Island USA Called Out For Dumping Sereniti


Love Island USA fans criticize the show for keeping Kat Rose and Sydney Paight but eliminating fan-favorite contestant Sereniti Springs.

Love Island USA Sereniti Springs, Kat Rose, and Sydney Paight

Love Island USA fans are upset that Kat Rose and Sydney Paight were saved from elimination after Sereniti Springs was sent home on day 13. Sereniti immediately gained fan approval when she arrived at the villa with her likable personality and hilarious sense of humor. Unfortunately, the islander had a rough time making a connection with the male islanders. She first coupled up with Felipe Gomes but handed him over to Courtney Boerner after realizing they were better off as friends. She then made a connection with Tyler Radziszewski but started to question if he was actually interested in her since the Love Island USA contestant didn’t give much physical affection.

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Sereniti was heartbroken when Tyler was dumped from the island after Bria Bryant recoupled her with Chazz Bryant, Bria’s younger brother. Luckily, Chazz was able to give Sereniti the attention she desired, and soon she spent more time cuddling with Chazz and less time missing Tyler. Unfortunately, Chazz threw Sereniti for a loop when he gave a recoupling speech that insinuated he was staying in a couple with her, only to choose Kat and send her home. In a recent episode, Kat and Sydney were left single after a recoupling ceremony exclusively for singles. Luckily, neither of them went home, and instead a new bombshell entered the villa.

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Fans thought it was obvious Kat and Sydney were saved from elimination because fans don’t want to see either of them go home, but they wonder why it wasn’t the same for Sereniti. Twitter user @eyananeptune wrote, “So [you] mean to tell me they bought [sic] a new boy in instead of dumping them b****** but couldn’t do that for my girl Sereniti when she was single.” Fans pointed out that they should have thrown in the twist when Sereniti was in danger of being eliminated. There are currently 17 islanders in the villa, and fans think this is too many. They would’ve liked to see the two single women go home. “My exact thoughts they could have saved sereniti but they didn’t,@DzifaJennifer_ responded

Fans of Love Island were shocked and upset when the islander was dumped from the island. While she didn’t make a strong connection with any of the male contestants, fans believe she should have gotten another chance. They also believe she may have been able to find someone during the Casa Amor episodes. Since Chazz chose Kate over Sereniti, and after some of Sereniti’s claims about him in her exit interviews, fans have completely turned on the male islander.

While many fans are happy to see Kat and Sydney remaining in the villa, they are right to be upset that Sereniti didn’t get the same treatment. The Love Island USA contestant brought so much entertainment to the show with her personality and deserved to find someone who liked her as much as she liked him. There were many other contestants that fans didn’t like who had been given several chances to couple up who spent more time in the villa than Sereniti did. While the show seems to be catering to what viewers want, they completely missed the mark with sending Sereniti home.

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