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Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy hints at a new feud with her cast members. She tells fans she can’t trust anybody, in her latest Instagram story.

Madison LeCroy Southern Charm

Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy recently shaded her castmates as untrustworthy in her latest Instagram story. Since her debut in season 6 as Austen Kroll’s girlfriend, Madison has been known to never shy away from drama. Her on-again-off-again relationship with Austen provided much entertainment to Southern Charm viewers. Many of their castmates, including Shep Rose and Craig Conover, slammed their relationship as toxic, and Madison faced off with her castmates during the season 7 reunion.

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Madison found herself in a better place with her fellow Southern Charm stars in season 8. However, after Austen discovered she was newly engaged to Brett Randle, he gave her the cold shoulder, causing many Southern Charm fans to believe he still had feelings for her. Austen’s love interest and new cast member Olivia Flowers was also frustrated by his back and forth with Madison. Still, she extended an invitation to Madison to attend a party at her parents’ house, and it looked as if the two would form a friendship. However, after the season premiere aired, Madison and Olivia engaged in a social media battle.

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As reported by Page Six, Madison recently invited Southern Charm fans to ask her any questions. One fan asked her, “What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned during your time on reality tv?” Madison responded, “Be heartless in this industry because you literally can’t trust anyone… You think some people are your friends but then you realize…” She went on to say that she’s looking forward to the Southern Charm season 8 reunion during which she will most likely call out her castmates. Madison didn’t say who she was referring to in her Instagram story, but she shared a clip of her castmates Venita Aspen and Naomie Olindo, complimenting her dress in the latest episode.

Southern Charm

Madison is no stranger to conflict with her Southern Charm castmates. During season 6, Madison found herself in a heated argument with Shep and accused him of giving former castmate Danni Baird chlamydia. Both Shep and Danni were outraged by the claim and denied the rumor. Danni later spoke out about the incident, citing it as “hurtful” and said she felt “betrayed” by Madison. The Southern Charm hair stylist also previously teased a fight with Leva Bonaparte in season 8, who had unfollowed many of her cast members after filming ended.

In a recent Southern Charm episode, Venita was ticked off when Madison invited Kathryn to their joint birthday party. Although Venita tried to brush it off at the time, she later threw shade at Madison in a confessional. With so many different conflicts, it’s unclear as to who Madison deemed untrustworthy in her circle, but it seems Southern Charm fans will find out at the season 8 reunion.

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