Rachel Maddow Reveals She Will Host Her MSNBC Show Only


Rachel Maddow returned to MSNBC on Monday night following a two-month hiatus and shed some light on what the future holds for her nightly program, The Rachel Maddow Show.

The long-serving host revealed that she will go to a weekly schedule starting in May, hosting her popular news show on Monday nights only. The rest of the week will be filled in by a rotating line-up of guest hosts; there are no immediate plans for a permanent replacement host, according to Deadline.

“Here’s the plan; I’m back, ” Maddow said on her show on Monday. “I’m going to be here all this month, Monday through Thursday nights. For big news events, like the lead-up to the election, I will, of course, be here more than that… And then next month, starting in May, I’m going to be here weekly. I’m going to be here Monday nights.”

Maddow said that the time away from her nightly show will give her “more time to work on some of this other stuff I’ve got cooking for MSNBC and NBC.” She also noted that things might change again, depending on how things go. “But that is the plan as of now,” she stated.

The famed political commentator began her hiatus on January 31, explaining that she would be working on a Ben Stiller-directed film adaptation of her podcast Bag Man. “There may eventually be another hiatus again sometime in my future,” she told viewers at the time. “But for now, we’re just taking it one step at a time.”

However, on Monday’s show, Maddow said that she doesn’t need another hiatus. “One of the things I realized to my surprise is that I actually don’t need another hiatus,” she explained. “This one was great. But I think I only needed the one. I still have these other irons in the fire, all these other things I am working on that I want to bring to fruition.”

Maddow signed a multi-year agreement with NBCUniversal and MSNBC last year, which will allow her to develop other projects, including potential film and television series.

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