Spotify Premium Is Free For 3 Months, But Only If


Spotify is offering a three months free trial to new subscribers. However, it is only a limited-time offer that is valid through Sept. 11, 2022.

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Spotify is offering three months of free trial to new premium subscribers. The Swedish music streaming service typically provides one month of a free trial, but the new offer is part of its efforts to pull in more subscribers as its competition with Apple Music intensifies in the U.S and worldwide. Spotify’s decision to increase its trial period comes a few short months after Apple Music cut down its trial period for new subscribers from three months to one month. The change was implemented earlier this year across most major markets for Apple, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc.


Known worldwide as the world’s largest music streaming service, Spotify has also dabbled in hardware, albeit without success. For example, the company recently discontinued its ‘Car Thing’ dashboard accessory five months after its official launch. The device was initially announced in 2019 before being made available for purchase on an invite-only basis in 2021. It went on general sale in Feb. 2022. However, despite limited success with its hardware venture, the company remains the global market leader in music streaming, ahead of Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, etc. According to the company’s shareholder report, it has more than 433 million monthly active users globally (as of Q2, 2022), including 188 million paying subscribers, up from 182 million in Q1.

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Spotify is offering all new subscribers three months of Premium membership for free. However, this is only a limited-time offer that is valid through Sept. 11, 2022. In addition, the company is also trying to bring former premium users back to the fold by offering them three months of premium for the cost of one. However, to qualify for the offer, users would have had to cancel their premium subscriptions before July 15, 2022.

Spotify Continues Growing Despite Obstacles

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Spotify has increased its subscriber count despite losing more than two million paid users after pulling out of Russia following its attack on Ukraine. Spotify was one of the many tech companies that folded up their business in Russia after Vladimir Putin went against the global consensus to attack Ukraine earlier this year. Some other tech companies to have pulled out of Russia over its invasion of Ukraine include Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Airbnb, Disney, Intel, IBM, LG, Netflix, Samsung, Snapchat and more.

Meanwhile, Spotify has also been under scrutiny for its continued support of Joe Rogan despite the podcaster’s controversial comments about vaccines. The company has not only been criticized for not dropping Rogan from its roster, but it has also resulted in many artists pulling their catalogs from the platform in protest. However, more than a year after the controversy erupted, it looks like Spotify has been able to ride out the criticisms without much fallout in terms of the user base.

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