Tower Of Fantasy: All Navia Smart Telescope Puzzle Locations &


Completing the three Smart Telescope puzzles of the Navia region in Tower of Fantasy will reward Wanderers with Black Nuclei for standard pulls.

Solving Navia Smart Telescopes In Tower Of Fantasy

Out of the eleven Smart Telescopes dotted across the provinces of Aesperia in Tower of Fantasy, the region of Navia contains three. For those not familiar with these devices, Smart Telescopes generate a puzzle displaying astrological data of a particular constellation in the sky. Wanderers must find these spyglasses of the stellar heavens and solve the puzzle to earn a reward. In the case of the three Navia Smart Telescopes, players will receive a Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy for completion of each.


Solving a Smart Telescope puzzle in Tower of Fantasy is a simple procedure of connecting the dots. On the other hand, producing the correct astronomical figure can be pretty tricky. The stars shown in the puzzle directly correlate with the points of interest within the specific area and region they are found. For instance, the three telescopes in Navia will correspond with landmarks in the territory. Using the bright luminous star as a guide, the player must connect the stars so that they align in accordance with the surrounding geography. If the player ever makes a mistake, they can always undo their previous action using the “Reset” button on the right.

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The location of the first Smart Telescope in Tower of Fantasy‘s Navia region is to the southeast of Navia Bay near Ruin C-02. The second can be found to the north of the world map in Tower of Fantasy, near Ruin C-03. The third is atop the tall rocky cliffs west of Navia Bay, on the southern portion of Raincaller Island.

Solving Navia Smart Telescopes In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy All Navia Smart Telescope Puzzle Map Locations and Solutions

Thanks to YouTube content creator ZaFrostPet, Wanderers can learn how to solve the three Navia Smart Telescope puzzles in Tower of Fantasy. Follow the steps below to complete each constellation:


Solution Steps


  1. Lepus means “rabbit,” so the constellation should resemble a hare. To get started, connect the legs to the bottom of the body portion. Both legs should appear to be bending backward at their joints.
  2. Connect the stars on the head so that it appears to have two small ears.
  3. Form the line on its back to complete the Navia Smart Telescope puzzle in Tower of Fantasy.


  1. Connects the dots at the bottom of the body, so they extend out from both sides.
  2. Follow the trail so that the oval shape of the constellation converges at the bottom-central orange star.


  1. Connect the gap in the upper-middle section of the dragon’s body in Tower of Fantasy.
  2. Form a Dipper-like square to create the head of the beast in the upper-left corner.

Source: ZaFrostPet

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