Dave “Snake” Sabo Says Reunion with Sebastian Bach “Doesn’t Even


It’s been more than 20 years since Skid Row parted ways with Sebastian Bach, but it seems that’s still not enough time to let bygones be bygones. In a recent interview with the Pushing the Limits podcast, transcribed by Blabbermouth, Skid Row guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo said the band’s moved on since splitting with the vocalist in 1996.

We’ve all moved on. It was an awful long time ago; we’re talking 23 years ago [that Skid Row reformed without Sebastian], so that’s an awful long time ago. [Laughs]

Yes, it has been a long time. Since ousting Bach, the band has gone through several vocalists over the years. The latest change took place this past February when the band parted ways with ex-Dragonforce frontman ZP Theart and replaced him with former H.E.A.T. singer Erik Grönwall.

When asked whether he felt he could ever bury the hatchet with Bach some day, Sabo didn’t mince his words.

“You know what? I don’t know. I’ve gotta be honest — it’s not something that I think about. Truly, it’s not something that I think about. My mind is always in the present and the here and now. And I’m thankful for everything that we’ve created — all the collective people who’ve been a part of Skid Row — that we’ve all created since the very beginning up until now.

“The only thing that I can have any sort of part of or control over is the right now, and it’s the band that it is now. And we have a new record coming out, The Gang’s All Here. And I think we’ve made some really, really great music. I hope people feel the same way.

“We’re really proud of where we’re at right now. We’re really proud of the way we’re playing and the tours that we’re doing, and we’re just gonna keep moving forward. So that conversation doesn’t even enter my brain, to be honest.”

To his credit, Bach went on the record last summer while speaking with Florida’s 98.7 The Gater radio station that he wants to reunite with his old bandmates, citing the fact that they’re “not getting any younger.” Sabo has turned down that request in the past.

“We are absolutely running out of bands — bands that can play in sheds. The fact that we are all still alive and we are all in our 50s — some closer to 60 than others — but that, to me, is selfish that we’re not together. I can play with anyone. I do play with everyone [laughs] — except for them.

Skid Row’s sixth studio album The Gang’s All Here is set for release on October 14 via earMUSIC. The band’s also gearing up for a 30 date tour with Autograph across North America, Europe, and Australia. You can watch the music video for their single “Tear It Down” below.

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