Single Review: Agony In The Garden “Will of Fire”


And this song is burning up….”Will of Fire”  by Agony in the Garden is powerful…instrumentally filled with texture and color and the vocals are spacious and huge. There is an angelic message there with devilish undertones but it works…

Mack Perry is Agony In The Garden. He is a multi-instrumentalist, a lyricist and producer with an effervescent and brilliant spirit. He has a style all his own that I believe is only at the very birth of its potential and already he has a vast musical sensibility. Just the name of his alter ego, Agony in the Garden is proof enough for me that he’s a true creative. There is almost a desperation in his voice that is begging us to listen.

Agony in the Garden is an episode in the life of Jesus where he goes into the garden after the last supper and experiences great anguish and praise to be saved from his impending death. “Will of Fire” is filled with vocals of that kind of anguish in the best possible way…. Agony began in 2013 with his EP “Where Olympus Dwells.” His music style combines rock and blues and incorporates magic guitar with poetic song lyrics that are compelling and relevant.

He has received various sponsorships and one of his tracks was included on the soundtrack for the film “Precision.” Another track was repeatedly featured on CBS Sports as well as the Super Bowl live in 2016.

Agony has a great career ahead of him. He has essence and talent to be taken very seriously. If you haven’t heard his music yet….I suggest that you do!

The official website for Agony In The Garden may be found at

5/5 Stars