Slipknot confirm the identity of drummer Tortilla Man


Slipknot recently confirmed the identity of their newest member, known as Tortilla Man. The man behind the mask has been revealed as Michael Pfaff.

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Slipknot made the revelation on Instagram. They posted a photo of the percussionist holding up a sign that reads, “I am Michael Pfaff.” They also announced an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit for March 16. The caption of the photo read, “You’ve been warned.”

Pfaff joined the band in 2019, replacing Chris Fehn as the drummer. His identity has been a secret until now, but fans have been trying to unmask him over the years through photos of the band at airports, autographs from meet and greets and more.

On Reddit, Pfaff revealed how he was hired for the gig.

“The short answer is I got a phone call while I was working my day job,” he says, according to mxdwn. “The story is pretty epic, and I hope to share it soon.”

He also shared how difficult it was for him to keep his identity a secret the last few years.

“It was pretty hard,” he explains. “These days, everybody is on the internet and has a phone… you could tell a person at the grocery store, and the next thing you know, it’s on the internet. I flew to LA twice before my wife even knew.”

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