Slaegt Posts New Lyric Video Online


Slaegt Posts New Lyric Video “Deceived By An Amethyst” Online

Danish Black Heavy Metal outfit Slaegt (a.k.a. Slægt, meaning “lineage” / “heritage” in Danish language and pronounced /sl?gt/) are releasing their 4th studio album “Goddess” worldwide today via Century Media Records.

Alongside this, a lyric-video created by Cloud Music Typography for the album’s opening track “Deceived by an Amethyst” can be seen below.

Slaegt comment: “‘Deceived by an Amethyst’ is a driving and pulsating, rock’n’roll metal song, with lyrics dealing about deception, wishing for the wrong things, but in the end realizing, that things have to change and ties have to be cut. All wrapped in the signature Slaegt sound, with loads of melody and edge.”

And Slaegt then add the following statement about today’s album release date: “The day has come! We are super excited, happy, and proud to finally be able to present Goddess, in all its glory, to you all! 40 minutes of powerful and emotionally charged black heavy metal, done in the unique Slaegt way. We can’t wait for you to hear it, feel it and get to know it. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to order a copy!”

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