Watch This Metalhead Sum Up Every Type Of Fan Seen


The unimpressed fan. The “OMG—I Love This Band” fan. The furious headbanger. The fan who had two too many. And, of course, the shredder. We all know who we’re talking about here. In fact, we may even be talking about you! Because it’s festival time, folks, which means every metalhead personality you can imagine will be out in full force, wearing their black hearts on their cut off sleeves.

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And to prep us for this years beautiful open-air mayhem, TikTok user Matthew Scar posted a video of him posing as each type of fan, and we have to say, he pretty much nails it. You can check his videos out below.

Matthew made his videos in advance of Bloodstock festival which kicks off this weekend in the UK and will feature top acts such as Behemoth, Testament, Mercyful Fate, Lamb of God, Exodus, and dozens more. My personal favorite is Old Metalhead, because, well…. I guess I can relate.

But I’m not the only one tickled by Scar’s impersonations. Fans in the comments section offered insight and made suggestions, with one fan commenting, “I look unimpressed, but I’m actually enjoying it.”

Even Nightwish‘s Floor Jansen got in on the action, commenting that “air drummers is also one! And people who know all the lyrics and sing like their life depends on it,” to which Scar obliged in his follow up video that also features the fan in the front who holds their pee all day, and the friend who drags you into the pit.

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Take a look for yourself and see if Scar tapped into your own inner-festival self. And if you’re at Bloodfest this weekend, share some pictures of yourself in the zone, and remember—stay hydrated, folks! The music isn’t the only thing that’s hot these days!

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