Where to Get Firedragon Fruits in Tower of Fantasy


Firedragon Fruit is used for brewing tea and completing Bounties in Tower of Fantasy, and Wanderers can find this resource in Navia and Crown.

Where to Get Firedragon Fruits in Tower of Fantasy

Wanderers looking to brew the flavorful Firedragon Fruit Tea in Tower of Fantasy will need to procure an ingredient known as Firedragon Fruit. Identical to real-life Dragon Fruit in appearance, Firedragon Fruit resembles the pinkish red scales of a dragon, tipped with a greenish hue. On the other hand, this fruit offers a more zesty and fiery taste than its refreshing real-world counterpart. More specifically, the fruit tea produced by this Tower of Fantasy resource grants its consumer bolstered Fire Damage for 900 seconds or 15 minutes while also replenishing 10 Satiety. Such a buff would be highly beneficial for Fire Elemental Simulacra weaponry, such as King’s Scythe of the Crow or Zero’s Negating Cube.


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Unfortunately, newcomers who main Fire-based units will not be able to drink Firedragon Fruit Tea until later down Tower of Fantasy‘s main questline. The reason is that the resource exclusively grows in Navia and Crown, the two regions bordering the north- and southwestern perimeter of Banges. For those not aware, Banges is the second area of the game, following Astra. Wanderers will gain access to Banges once they’ve unlocked the Jetboard, a Relic becomes available organically during the main story.

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While it can be tricky to locate Firedragon Fruit and even harder to remember where the ingredient’s nodes are, AppSample’s Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map can save players much time by showing them all the locations of Firedragon Fruit on the world map. Still, bear in mind that the information displayed on such third-party resources might not be 100% accurate, but they are doubtless more effective for efficient farming than scouring the open world on one’s own.

Farming Firedragon Fruits In Tower Of Fantasy

Firedragon Fruits Farming Location In Tower Of Fantasy

For text-based reference, here is an index of the areas where Wanderers can find Firedragon Fruit in Tower of Fantasy:



Route Details


Seventh Day Forest, Navia

  1. Transmit to the Spacerift in the Seventh Day Forest.
  2. Cross the lake to the southeast and grab the first few clusters of Firedragon Fruit.
  3. Follow the southern bank westward, picking up the fruit along the way.
  4. After collecting the three nodes west of the pond, head northward, following the river towards Navia Bay.
  5. Pick up all the fruit on both sides of the river bank.
  6. If players have the time, they can find several more nodes of Firedragon Fruit in Tower of Fantasy by checking the small north ridge by the easternmost waterfall in the Seventh Day Forest.


Seaforth Dock, Crown

  1. Transmit to the Spacerift by the large freighter near Seaforth Dock in the Crown region.
  2. Follow the beach southward to find multiple Firedragon Fruit nodes.
  3. After reaching the bottom coast, head northeast and pick up the two Firedragon Fruits before crossing over to the island in the east.
  4. Collect the last Tower of Fantasy resource nodes of Firedragon Fruit near the northwestern shores of this isle.

Source: AppSample

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