Stuckfish detail their upcoming Days Of Innocence album


Stuckfish have announced they’re to release their third album, Days Of Innocence, on April 16 via Bandcamp. It’s the band’s first record to feature new members Gary Holland (keys), Adam Sayers (drums), and Phil Morey (bass) alongside Ade Fisher and Phil Stuckey, and includes their 2020 single, GameChanger.

Says composer and producer Fisher of making music during the Covid pandemic, “It could have been all too easy to sit on our backsides watching Netflix and eating chocolate Hobnobs, but I was determined to be able to say we put the time off to good use, by producing what we consider our finest work to date.”

Some of the lyrics to the album’s eight new songs have been inspired by vocalist Stuckey’s own published short stories. The band talk us through the tracklisting below:

1 Age Of Renewal
Fisher: “After a hugely successful Prog For Peart gig last year, I was inspired to write a Rush-flavoured track. Count how many time signatures!”

2 Days Of Innocence
“A story about the innocence and joy of youth, ending with trumpet, violins and tuba!”

3 Painted Smile
The tears and trauma of being a clown.”
Phil Stuckey: “It reminds me of Alex Harvey.”

4 GameChanger
“First single from the the album, an uptempo song of hope for a better future.”

5 Thief In The Night
“If you’re not in tears at the end of the song…”

6 Yearn
Built around a dissonant piano riff that ends on a Floyd-like beautiful high.”

7 Nevermore
“A rocker featuring a Muse-flavoured vocal with a Rob Halford ending!”

8 Different Ways
“Another master lyric and vocal on an epic ballad.”

Stuckfish Days Of Innocence cover

(Image credit: Stuckfish)

Stuckfish 2022 UK live shows

Apr 16: Cluny Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (Album Launch)
Jun 02: Prog For Peart Abingdon
Oct 02: Soundle Oundle
Dec 11: Prog All Dayer Bilson Robin

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